About Us

All through my teenager years I was known to have a camera in hand and for my 21st Birthday I was given a dark room kit to develop my own prints. I LOVED  it. I photographed a friends wedding 9 years later in a natural documentary style and got such good feedback we launched Natural Weddings (Suzanne Hodgson Photography). Formal photos was pretty much all you got 20 years ago  it was almost bossy photographers ordering you and your guests around for most of the day, demanding you pose as they saw fit for hours.  Before ourselves, nobody mentioned phrases like natural, spontaneous, relaxed, informal or fun when talking about Wedding Photography.

More commonly it was associated with being long, boring, rude and at times awkward!! Today the landscape is very different as loads of Photographers claim to take natural, journalism style photographs but we believe our Wedding Photography  shows the style we have developed over many years is often imitated but rarely replicated.  There is more to wedding photography than taking photographs – it’s working behind the scenes, managing guests during group shots, liaising with staff throughout the day and making sure you both both remain happy.  My husband Tommy is the behind the scenes man who designs all the albums, attends wedding shows & exhibitions and deals with all the customer enquiries, allowing me to concentrate on the Photography. I love what I do and it I believe it comes across on your wedding day and when you see the finished results.