Our Approach

First and foremost our job is to look after you on the day, manage your time and make sure we capture all the photos that have been discussed with you as being important that will help to tell the story of your day. We aim to be unobtrusive for large parts but when we need to interact with you and your guests, we want it to be fun and for the Photographer be a part of your day rather than an intrusion. We promise no long photographic sessions lasting for hours, being rude to you or your guests and definitely no making you pose dramatically or hide behind trees. When you think back on your Wedding Photography with Natural Weddings, it feel relaxed as you will have been unaware of much of what we have been doing (lots!!) and without you realising, we have been organising your day, working with the staff behind the scenes, allowing you extra time to spend some quality time with your family and friends.